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Hello world!

on November 27, 2011

It’s a brave new world out there, at least it is for me!

Welcome to Living Well on a Shoestring Budget, where you can learn lots of new tricks to easily save money.  You’ll also get to follow my wild, erratic mind, which really goes all over the place.  I am a multi-tasker, not so much by choice as necessity.

Some cool things are happening in my life and I’d love for you to follow me and see what happens down the yellow brick road.

We have 4 awesome sons, and everyone in this house knows how to eat.  None of this “delicate” eating for us.  We all love food.

That being said, it is expensive to feed a family of 6, mostly organic, made from scratch stuff, so I will share what I learn, as I learn it, with you (like yesterday, I just made THE BEST carrot cake with a dairy/soy free cream cheese frosting, OMG…mouth watering!  Recipes will be posted soon!).

We also have two children who are lactose intolerant, one child who cannot have soy, and then me.  I am just a barrel of monkeys. No gluten, soy OR dairy.  Isn’t it great to be me?   (Correct answer: YES – IT IS!!!).

So, I can also help you save money on special diets too…did I mention we’re looking at starting the Feingold Diet in January for my 6-year-old son, who has ADHD?  Apparently, this program helps many, many children and keeps them stable, but off of meds (WIN WIN WIN!). So we’re going to be trying that one out too…here’s the caveat for us grownups.  NO coffee or tea. None.  So you have to follow me, if for no other reason than just to see how that goes…  You may be wondering why the grownups will be following the program, and the answer is because my husband also has ADHD, and we’d love to see if it helps him too. It would not be fair for me to ask my husband to give up coffee, and then glug it down right in front of him. So I will join the bandwagon. Oh, and yes, my husband maintains a gluten/soy and dairy free diet in our house too – see he is just that kind of awesome!

On another day, I will rant about how we have really tried to NOT to acknowledge ADHD in our 6-year-old, how we don’t want to be one of “those parents”, how it is WAY over-diagnosed etc etc. I have a great deal to say about the subject, but all you need to know at this point, is that it has boiled down to a serious safety issue for us.  Our son simply cannot control his impulses, and after the last two months of witnessing too many “close calls”, we sat down together for a little chat.  Sometimes being an ostrich, burying one’s head in the sand, and denying the reality of a situation is not such a great idea.  This needs to be dealt with, so we are trying. It is still hard for me to say that my son has ADHD, but he does.  See there, I am already starting to rant. I’ll stop now and save it for another day.

Ok, so in a nutshell, we have this incredibly lofty goal to go see the world for ourselves and our kids. So we’re in the process of making it happen.  That’s another reason to follow me, to see what happens when we get to the end of the rainbow.

We’re making it happen, one step at a time.

Oh, and we are 6 on one income.

A teacher’s income.

A fourth year teacher’s income.

If you’re still not impressed (what DOES it take to impress you??), we live on less than 2500 a month.

We also live in the best school district in our state.

We eat super healthy.

We just paid cash for a RV (used, but hey, that’s the way to do it to save money!)

So, follow us on this twisting, winding, merry road! Oh, and I just published this really cool book
Living Well On A Shoestring Budget


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