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It’s a cold, cold world out there.

on November 29, 2011


Words escape me as I shiver, my teeth chatter.

I have these terribly strange and unattractive “goose” bumps.

I hate being cold.


And I am one of those lucky people who get cold. A lot. My husband loves it because it ensures that I curl up to him each and every night. He hates my cold feet though.
An electric blanket is nothing short of a miracle for a person like me.

My last one (and the one before that, and the one before that, and then one before that…shall I go on?) broke. Of course, less than a year later, after spending a small fortune, it broke. This really makes me angry, because now I feel like I’ve been ripped off AND I AM STILL COLD!!!

So, last year, I decided that I would only purchase an electric blanket from Land’s End. The reason behind this is that Land’s End accepts returns/exchanges at any point during your entire lifetime, for any reason. You can say “Hey, this POS broke again!” or “Eh, I don’t like the color anymore. It’s so last year!” or “I don’t need to give you a reason, so I am not going to!”

The catch? There is none. Well, you do need to keep the receipt (easy enough, put it in the blanket chest, or linen closet in one of those clear plastic page protectors etc.). The only other problem is the price. Electric blankets are EXPENSIVE.  The powers that be know how uncomfortable it is to  be cold, and they will exploit our discomfort to give them the greatest financial gain.  Again, this is why I love Land’s End – electric blankets are expensive, and usually die within 2 seasons. How nice to never have to purchase one – EVER AGAIN.

That is a an investment that warms my heart.

In the next 4 hours and 15 minutes, you have a unique opportunity to get said electric blanket at a great discount.
1. Go to http://www.ebates. com (set up an account if you don’t have one already), search for Land’s End and enter through ebates site (6% cash back right now!)
2.  Once at Land’s End, search “electric blanket”, pick out what you require.
3. Enter code DRUMSTICK with PIN 1121 to get FREE SHIPPING plus 30% OFF of your purchase.

Sit back and relax. A good, solid, safe and warm purchase is on its way to you.

Think warm thoughts in the meantime.  Buy me a cup o’ joe? BRRR….


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