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The top 5 Toys of ALL TIME!

on December 1, 2011

Woke up to snow this morning.
While waiting for my new electric blanket to arrive, I went and pulled the old one out of storage, just hoping it was going to work today . .  . but alas, it truly is a POS.

Sigh. Must wait for delivery of the new, improved, last one I will ever again buy.


I know, you don’t want to know about the fact that I am freezing my arse off.

You want to know how to get through the holidays. Easy, easy, easy.

The holidays are upon us, the rush to buy, the feelings of being inadequate parents if we don’t buy, buy, buy. Consumerism at its grossest moments.

So, let me just take a moment to remind y’all what kids really do like:

According to an article in WIRED (, the top 5 toys are:

1. A stick
2. A box
3. String
4. Cardboard Tubes
5. Dirt

I freely add any form of water to this list, along with couch cushions.

So, how many times have you given your kid a gift, only to see them playing with the box – not the gift. You don’t need more crap. You don’t, and neither do your children.
I will be posting an article tomorrow, called $aving the Holiday$ (getting published tomorrow..YAY ME!!).  It’s an awesome perspective on celebrating the holidays, making them meaningful, less stressful, and just enjoying the moments.

Vent moment:  Sitting next to a bunch of History high school students studying with their teacher. So far, I’ve heard an interesting (and more than slightly offensive) version of the role of Germany in WWII, heard that one girl has a big crush on a guy who proudly calls himself a Nazi, and two girls say that they never have asked for equal rights, so what is all the fuss about. I can’t decide what is more disturbing – the fact that the teacher has not countered any of these ignorant ass statements, or the fact that these kids are going to be adults and of voting age in a year or two (oh, and I am SO not old, but these kids are making me feel it!).

Stay warm, keep your money in your pocket.




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