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Did anyone miss me?

on December 8, 2011

I gotta tell you, it is not easy to write a blog. A part of me wants to write like this is my private journal, but it’s not is it?  I mean, somewhere, someone is reading this – right? One single person?  Is anyone out there?  Anyone?


I feel like that girl archer in the the animated D&D cartoon that was on for a couple seasons when I was a kid.  In one episode, she was all alone, yelling “Is anyone there? Hello? Anyone?” And then the wizard voice spoke down from the sky that she had to face her greatest fear of being alone.  So then (I forget the details), she realized that she wasn’t alone and said, “Then I’m not alone? Then I’m not afraid!” and then she wasn’t alone anymore. Random, random. Why do I remember this, but not where my keys are??

For the sake of posterity then: I’ve been posting LOTS of cool deals on Facebook (do you follow me on Facebook? – if not, click that little “LIKE” button on the lower right hand side : ) Go ahead, and do it, cut this gal a break!)

If you haven’t yet looked at my book “LIVING WELL ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET”, I highly recommend that you do. It will pay for itself in less than a week. You want to know how to save money – buy the book!

It is the season to be merry. Later tonight, I will post a link to my article that was just published (YAY ME! FIRST MAGAZINE ARTICLE EVER PUBLISHED!! WOOT!! HAPPY DANCE WITH ME!!!) called $aving the Holiday$.  You will enjoy it, and yes, it will help you save many things – your mind, your stress, sanity, oh yeah – AND MONEY!


Watch for it! Spread the good cheer, spread the word, get your friends to follow my blog, my Facebook, buy the book and give it as gift (it IS a gift that will KEEP ON GIVING!)




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