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Mama always said . . .

on December 10, 2011

Mama always said that there was no excuse for ignorance as long as libraries existed.  She grew up in war torn Germany, came to Canada, and then to America.

She had a very difficult childhood, but always had books.
“Anything you want to learn, you can learn from a book,” she’d always say.

And she is right.

Although now, with the Internet, we, as humans, have even less of an excuse for ignorance.

So, if you haven’t bookmarked this site, please do so now.

Lots and lots and lots of free e-books about a wild variety of topics.

Also, if you are a member of Amazon Prime (I highly recommend being a member), take advantage of the MILLIONS of free books, movies, tv, games etc., at your fingertips.

Remember – simplify the holiday! Start sing-songing this ditty now, while you’re doing the dishes and OOPS! did your child overhear you?!  Now they think they got a “hint” and will be ever so excited to see what fulfills each of these categories!

“Something they want,

something they need,

something to give,

something to read.

This and a bag of chocolates

is what my children happily receive”

Peace out.


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